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By now, we all know former NASCAR Sprint Cup Girl Paige Duke, had nude photos leaked over the internet. Whether her being fired was fair or not, we all want to see these shots!  Check out  the infamous, hard to get, uncensored shots here.
Miss Duke, should have just kept her shorts on. Model and part time animal nurse Paige Duke, has been fired as one of NASCAR’s three ‘Sprint Cup Girls’ after nude pictures of her emerged on the internet. Another one falls victim to the sexting plague. This case does not seem fair at all. Click below for the details and the explicit photos that got her in trouble. Miss Duke, who travelled the country as one of the sport’s roving reporters, was fired because the graphic shots broke mobile phone operator and sponsor Sprint’s ‘morality code’. The pictures of an 18-year-old Miss Duke were taken at college and sent to an ex-boyfriend. Speaking to Fox news, a devastated Miss Duke said:
‘I did not intend for anybody to see these and now I’m exploited. This is the most embarrassing thing that could have ever happened to me. I lost my job, the best job I could have ever asked for, it was perfect for me.
Miss Duke says the pictures – which show her fully nude in a number of compromising positions – were taken in her dorm room at Clemson University. She added: a
‘We’re still investigating how these pictures got out there.  All we know is they came from his computer, he’s the only person I sent them to. I just want to set the record straight, I’m going to own up to my mistakes. It’s something I did, I’ve cried enough tears over it, I’m tired of crying, I’m tired of hiding from everybody.’

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